Life On Standby

Everything is bad again.

But more comes in a couple of days.

I am lost!

I still love her

I want You back! 

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Mixed Feelings

Everytime I see her,
My hearts starts beating faster,
I feel a feeling I can't describe,
It is unbelievable.

But then,
There are the moments,
When I feel so alone,
I don't know why
I feel this way from time to time,
It just hurts so much.

She is like an angel on earth,
She is unvelievable,
But then there are the moments,
When I can't understand her,
And she seems so untransparent to me,
Just like she wants to hide something,
But I don't think so,
Cuz she loves me,
And I love her,
So I believe her!

I Love her!!

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Long time ago,
Since i wrote something.

Something amazing happend,
She came back to me again.
I don't know how to express my hapiness,
Just one thing i now,
That I am the luckiest man alive,
And that I love HER so much!!
I always wanna be with you my Angel!

I am glad,
That I have you!

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Yesterday, i hoped that it is going to be great,
But it wasn't so good as i thought it would be.
Actually, i wanted to be with you alone,
But i couldn't say "No", as she is your best friend,
And we get along with them two very good.
Often i stood alone,
And you didn't come to me.
We all four had much fun,
And i enjoyed the time!

Did you recogized,
That i cried on the way back?
I guess you didn't.

Sometimes i am confused.
I don't know what i am supposed to think.

This morning,
You told me,
That i didn't tell you,
How beautiful you are,
I am so sorry for this.
You have to know,
If i would find you atracctive,
I wouldn't have been together with you!

I can't understand,
Why you think,
That you are not beautiful?

I hope you know,
How much i love you!

And that i want to be together with you!

Oh man,
I am so crazy about you!

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Coming Back?

The last week,
we two met some evenings.
It felt so good,
To see you again.
I enjoyed every minute,
being with you,
I hope you did, too.
It felt so good,
To touch you again,
To feel your lips.

Do you know,
How amazing you are?

I hope,
That we two,
Come back together again!

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Some day ago,
we met again,
we had fun,
just as it used to be,
it felt so good to be with you.
but now,
you don't write me,
i don't know what i am supposed to think,
i am confused,
i love you so much!!

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Tonight, i had a dream,
It was good, and bad as weel,
I dreamt about You!
I dreamt about the wonderful time we had,
All the minutes we spent together,
Everything was so amazing with you,
But then,
Everthing went bad,
You broke up,
Nothing was good anymore,
My life was so sad,
It was so empty without you.
I woke up,
I thougth, "puh",
Just a nightmare,
But then, I felt it,
The pain inside my body,
So I knew,
It was true.
But still,
I love You!

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