Long time ago,
Since i wrote something.

Something amazing happend,
She came back to me again.
I don't know how to express my hapiness,
Just one thing i now,
That I am the luckiest man alive,
And that I love HER so much!!
I always wanna be with you my Angel!

I am glad,
That I have you!

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Mixed Feelings

Everytime I see her,
My hearts starts beating faster,
I feel a feeling I can't describe,
It is unbelievable.

But then,
There are the moments,
When I feel so alone,
I don't know why
I feel this way from time to time,
It just hurts so much.

She is like an angel on earth,
She is unvelievable,
But then there are the moments,
When I can't understand her,
And she seems so untransparent to me,
Just like she wants to hide something,
But I don't think so,
Cuz she loves me,
And I love her,
So I believe her!

I Love her!!

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Life On Standby

Everything is bad again.

But more comes in a couple of days.

I am lost!

I still love her

I want You back! 

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