Yesterday, i hoped that it is going to be great,
But it wasn't so good as i thought it would be.
Actually, i wanted to be with you alone,
But i couldn't say "No", as she is your best friend,
And we get along with them two very good.
Often i stood alone,
And you didn't come to me.
We all four had much fun,
And i enjoyed the time!

Did you recogized,
That i cried on the way back?
I guess you didn't.

Sometimes i am confused.
I don't know what i am supposed to think.

This morning,
You told me,
That i didn't tell you,
How beautiful you are,
I am so sorry for this.
You have to know,
If i would find you atracctive,
I wouldn't have been together with you!

I can't understand,
Why you think,
That you are not beautiful?

I hope you know,
How much i love you!

And that i want to be together with you!

Oh man,
I am so crazy about you!

17.12.06 19:36

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